The Anthroposophical Medicine Nucleus – NUMA-UNIFESP project started with the creation of the Interdepartmental Sector for Anthroposophical Medicine – SIMA / UNIFESP influenced by Ordinance 1600 of the Ministry of Health (MS), a specific Ordinance for Anthroposophical Medicine attached to Ordinance 971 of 03 / 05/2006, which instituted the National Policy of Integrative and Complementary Practices (PNPIC), in the Single Health System – SUS.  The position in which Medicine – MA was placed in this Ordinance, caused the Ministry of Health to create the Observatory of Anthroposophical Medicine – MA in SUS, so that it could be included in the PNPIC. One of these observed units was organized at UNIFESP under the name of SIMA and started its activities on November 26, 2007.

In 2009, the Administrative Technical Council – CTA defined that the project should be allocated within the Department of Obstetrics as a nucleus of studies and thus from SIMA we started to be recognized as a Nucleus for the Study of Integrated Medicine to the Health of Pregnant Women, also called Nucleus of Anthroposophical Medicine – NUMA.

Despite the action in a single Department during all this time, the project outlined in the field of scientific research, teaching and assistance has remained the main pillars of this project until the present day.

In 2011, NUMEPI – Nucleus of Medicine and Integrative Practices was implemented, thanks to the work of NUMA, together with groups from other Departments that defend Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Since then, NUMEPI represents NUMA, before the Dean of Extension, with its own charter and responsible for the movement of all medicines and integrative practices.