3rd year of Medicine

Coordinator of the 3rd year of Medicine.

Profa. Dra. Liliam Cristine Rolo Paiato

In the 3rd year of Medicine, the Department of Obstetrics is inserted in the Semiology Module of Women, giving theoretical-practical classes together with the Departments of Gynecology and Human Reproduction.


Obstetrics classes are taught throughout the school year. In the 1st semester, the classes are mostly taught on Thursday afternoons and on two Wednesdays in the afternoon. In the 2nd semester, classes are held on Thursday mornings.


See below the subjects of the classes:


Practical classes:

  • Obstetric, abdomen and touch examination (cervical);
  • Pelvis, fetus and uterus-fetal relations
  • Birth mechanism in flexed cephalic;
  • Birth assistance, clinical birth period (simulation).


Theoretical classes:

Physiological and Experimental Obstetrics:

  • Introduction to physiological obstetrics/general adaptations of the maternal organism;
  • Local adaptations of the maternal organism/pregnancy diagnosis;
  • Childbirth factors – pelvis and fetus;
  • Labor contractions;
  • Clinical Evolution;
  • Non-pharmacological methods;
  • Partogram and functional dystocia.

Pathological Obstetrics and Tocosurgery

  • Breastfeeding;
  • Puerperium and pathology of the 3rd and 4th period;
  • STD in pregnancy;
  • Hypertensive syndromes;
  • Prematurity;
  • Hemorrhagic syndromes of the 1st half;
  • Hemorrhagic syndromes of the 2nd half;
  • Amnic system and rupture of the amniotic membrane.

Fetal Medicine: 

  • Family planning;
  • FM screening;
  • Fetal vitality;
  • Obstetrics in broad perspective.



  • Amphitheater;
  • Skills Center.



  • Presence in classes;
  • Practical and theoretical tests.