This Postgraduate Program is linked to the Department of Obstetrics at the Universidade Federal de São Paulo – Escola Paulista de Medicina, offering Master and Doctoral courses in the stricto sensu modality since 1979. It is linked to the CAPES Medicine III area, under registration 33009015013P9, currently with the CAPES 4 concept.

It is the only postgraduate program in Brazil with an exclusive focus on Obstetrics and understands that the specialty is of fundamental strategic importance. The expansion of knowledge related to maternal and fetal health implies concrete possibilities to contribute to the quality of life in a wide perspective.

We have as objectives the formation of qualified human resources technically and scientifically for the exercise of teaching and research activities related to the processes involved in the specialty of Obstetrics.

The Master’s Course aims to deepen professional knowledge, promote scientific competence, improve teaching and enable the development of the ability to carry out research in the area.

The Doctorate Course aims to develop teaching, but mainly to expand the skills of conducting independent and original research in Obstetrics. The training of Doctors is understood as a fundamental strategy to accelerate the development of the Country and as a consequence, the quality of life of the Brazilian people.

The program seeks to consolidate some fundamental principles:

  • provide quality in teaching, scientific and technological research activities,
  • seek continuous updating with curriculum flexibility to meet the persistence of the development of Obstetrics,
  • development of lines of research with the objective of training researchers of excellence in the area,
  • integrate undergraduate medical students and related areas in undergraduate research projects in order to identify potential talents for research,
  • maintenance of facilities, technological resources, as well as technical and administrative support and other means necessary for the research activity, including fund raising for its financing,
  • establishing cooperation with national and international institutions,
  • promoting the dissemination of research carried out in vehicles with academic impact,
  • dissemination of the knowledge acquired through research, with the national and international scientific community, aiming to contribute to the country’s demands and collaborate so that the Brazilian scientific production reaches increasingly expressive levels on the world scene.

We hope that your visit on our website provides an objective view of our work and that it can be stimulating to guide your career.



Prof. Dr. Edward Araujo Júnior

Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Obstetrics at EPM/UNIFESP