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CEPG – Obstetrics

Prof. Dr. Evelyn Traina – Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Edward Araujo Junior – Vice-Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Eduardo de Souza – Faculty Representative

Prof. Dr. Mary U. Nakamura – Faculty Representative

Prof. Dr. Cristina Aparecida Falbo Guazzelli – Faculty Representative

Prof. Dr. Rosiane Mattar – Faculty Representative

Fernanda Lopes – Student Representative


Admission – continuous throughout the year



Admission Process Interview with the Coordinator: scheduled through the program’s secretary. Analysis and Approval by CEPG.

The student approved in the selection process will have between 6 to 12 months to: Choose their advisor. Structure a project. Attend program courses to obtain credits. Obtain approval from the Research Ethics Committee. Research Ethics Committee:

It is optional for Master’s or Ph.D. students to choose, along with their advisor, a Co-advisor who contributes to their research project to be developed during the postgraduate course. The Co-advisor must have a doctoral degree and must be nominated to complement the advisor’s competencies.

Enroll at this link after the secretary’s clearance.



First Steps For Students:

More information at:

If you are new to the university, find below the first steps to ensure access to key services.

Intranet: Once your virtual enrollment is confirmed in the academic system, you must create your login and password for our intranet. How to register Email: The institutional email will give you access to create an account in Unifesp’s Institutional Google. How to request Unifesp App: Through the Unifesp app, you have access to: Virtual ID Card, RU Balance, News, Courses and Events, and much more. How to install Wi-fi Connection: Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure wireless access service developed for the international education and research community. How to connect Library: A place for you to experience throughout your university journey, where you can focus, read, study, conduct research, and work on projects. Learn more Other Systems: Office 365 Online, Re-enrollment, Moodle, SEI, SIIU, and Teaching Plans. How to access

Access in SIIU:

Course Completion Deadlines:

Master’s: 24 months Ph.D.: 48 months

Mandatory Activities before Defense:

Accumulate your credits by attending courses: see the Regulations. (Master’s: 25 and Ph.D.: 40)

Board Composition Form. Fill out and submit. Only suggestions that are submitted will be considered. Guidelines for Thesis Preparation CAPES Acknowledgment Order



External Registration Tutorial – SEI. Repository Registration Tutorial. Tutorial for Self-archiving – Theses and Dissertations.