6th year of Medicine

(Português do Brasil) Coordenadora do 6º ano médico

Profa. Dra. Cristina Ap. F. Guazzelli

Prof. Dra. Cristina Ap. F. Guazzelli


In the last year of the Internship, students review and deepen their obstetric knowledge in practice with patients in the Clinic, the Obstetric Center and the Ward of the Department of Obstetrics on the 8th floor of Hospital São Paulo.

From Monday to Friday, there are theoretical classes for review and case discussion from 7:30 am to 8:30 am. Then, the students are divided according to the scale for the practice.




  • Domingos Delascio Amphitheater  – 8th floor of Hospital São Paulo;
  • Ward and Obstetric Center of Hospital São Paulo;
  • HU2.




  • Medium and high risk pregnancies;
  • Pregnancy in adolescents and women with hypertension, diabetes and heart disease;
  • Subsidiary examinations in obstetrics.




  • Frequency;
  • Test at the end of the internship.


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