Assistance is provided at the Prenatal Clinic of Hospital São Paulo – HSP / UNIFESP, under the responsibility of the Department of Obstetrics. In order for the assistance work to be feasible, the coordination ensured from the beginning the structural conditions, the human and material resources for the attendance to be carried out, guaranteeing the norms and standards of quality established by the institutions involved HSP and UNIFESP.

Currently, an average of 70 pregnant women/year are attended in prenatal care and about 1,500 consultations / procedures are carried out, distributed among clinical, obstetric, dermatology, psychology, physiotherapy, anthroposophic external therapies, nutrition, group care. (speeches).

Clinic care cannot be seen as just another service for users, it is the basis for the pillars of teaching and research to be sustained.

The project has a multidisciplinary team of voluntary health professionals (obstetricians and clinicians, dermatologists, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses and pharmacists). Students of the Medicine course (undergraduate and medical residency-specialization in family and community health, gynecology-obstetrics, acupuncture), trainees in the physiotherapy course (undergraduate and multi-professional residency-specialization in women’s health) attend the Outpatient Clinic. psychology and nursing (multidisciplinary residency-specialization in women’s health), and researchers.